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Now I'm waiting for 2 movies. One is "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" which Benedict plays Guillam in it. And another is "The Hobbit" which Martin plays Bilbo and Benedict plays Smuag lol.
Here is my fanart for those 2.haha.





Only 4 pictures...not so many this time. Click to enlarge.

1)Maybe someone has seen this photo before. I painted in a little different way.

2)If you have seen the animation "Sailormoon"before, maybe you will know whose costume Sherlock wears.
    I just make it for fun..

3) Moonlight something.

4) Have been to Dunhuang at the begining of Jun. Riding the camel there. 
    It's the inspiration for this picture.  There are camels in Afghanistan also, right? 


One day I saw a photo that Martin was in below suit with his little baby. I just can't help drawing it in chibi. He is as cute as his little child.
After I drew him, I thought "why I do not add Benedict beside him", so there is Mr. Cumberbatch. And then I thought "why I do not make it move", so there is below GIF.

Both of them are always cute to me :)


Haven't been here for a long time. How are you :)?
These days I'm very busy. .Daily job freaks me out. And my computer is broken I have to change one. And last week I travel to Singapore and now I'm preparing to go to Dunhuang....
But it's lucky I still have some time to draw something I like. Here I'd like to share. Hope you will like them :)

*All the picture can be clicked to enlarge.
<Supernatural Fanart>

<Sherlock Fanart>

Oekaki PaintBBS



2)  B&W   Color





“Sherlock!!If you don't want to help, please don't mess up!"
(I'm sorry I drew too short of John...So please image Sherlock is on the footstep OTZ)


Painted by some new brush of Photoshop(7 pieces).








I should not say this little comic is Sherlock's fanart. But I should say I'm inspired by Sherlock and Frankenstein.
If Frankenstein has a John, he will never be a tragedy.
I'd like to call it "Freakky and his little Johnny"






A portriat of Benedict



<Sherlock BBC>

1)When I was testing my new brush,my Photoshop suddenly shutted down before I save this picture. So here is only a small size screenshot as below.

2)John:"Don't  be naughty!Sherlock! I need to prepare dinner!"


3 pieces.


Inspirition is from a photo of them.
I don't know if you have seen this photo or not. I just can help making it to chibi. XD


I think I haven't been here for a longlong time...
So, there are a lot of works to share this time orz...Hope you will ... at least... like one of them?

9 pieces sketches



4 pieces of GIF

3 pieces painting

3 pieces of Mycroft


Happy birthday to Sherlock and myself!

Already passed Jan 6th here. But I think it is still Sherlock's birthday in some other side of this planet :D
I just know my birthday is same as Sherlock's in last year. So honor!
And I got a big Teddy several years ago in my birthday. Every person who was born on this day must have a Teddy,hahaha.

I didn't draw anything new on my birthday. Here is just some old stuffs that I didn't post here before.
Hope you will like them.

1)Inspirition from a AU fanfic of 余示崇 named <National interests>
    It is only in Chinese. Sherlock is the brother of General Holms. John is a falsely accused army doctor from another country. Sherlock saved him from a dungeon by using the special pardon. But this protection only can be used for the person who is in same building with him or within 100 meters around him. So they become roommates...

Here is the scene that when Sherlock shoot in a narrow street, he cover John 's ears in order to prevant him from suffering of the sound.
Although John actually is much more stable than he imagined.

2)This is just a sketch.


This is what will happen in my mind  every night before sleeping.

John: You should go to sleep as early as possible.
Sherlock: Sleeping is waisting time.


It's the pair of Microft/Julian!
Don't hate me if you are their fans.

I respect  Mr. Assange personaly. He is a fearless fighter to me. I don't mean to offend him.
But I just cann't  help imaging what kind of story will happen if Julian was a character in "Sherlock" or Microft was a real MI5 leader.
Sorry, DI  Lestrade :P

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Rating: Gen

1)"The game is on. Time to choose a side."

2)"Show me some respect"

3)"We could have been friends"

4)Reaction of the others